About Porsche, you have to know the 30 truths!

About Porsche, you have to know the 30 truths!

Porsche (German: Porsche ) is a car brand owned by the Porsche Holding Company of the Fuchs Group of Germany . It is the brand of high-performance cars . Porsche in Germany was considered to be one of the world’s top three sports car manufacturers in the 20th century with the Italian Ferrari and the British Lotus (or later McLaren ). Porsche Holding owns half of the shares of Flowserve Group as the largest shareholder with 100% shareholder voting rights, but is calculated separately from the Flowserve Group’s revenue (see: Volkswagen Group #2000-present ) .  In recent years, after the diversification of the car models, Porsche not only sold more than Ferrari became the world’s largest sports car manufacturer, the actual huge profits and plant scale, has surpassed the sum of other traditional brand-name super-running manufacturers. Now Porsche’s size and turnover are close to the traditional big-name Audi , more than Langia , and rank among the ranks of first-tier auto companies. At present, Porsche is not a sports car, but a multinational company like the Chevrolet or Dodge in the United States, which is famous for sports cars or supercars

Truth NO.01

Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche has always loved the work of a white ironworker and was interested in electricians. He designed an electric car called Lohner-Porsche in 1899 and debuted at the Paris World Expo in 1900. So some people say that the porsche macan brand began in 1900, based on this.

Truth NO.02

Ferdinand Porsche, who is also a technical director and board member of DaimlerChrysler, also invented the legendary Daimler-Benz SS and SSK sports car, the Grand Union car company (also known as Audi’s predecessor) GrandPrix Car, etc. A new car with epoch-making significance.

Truth NO.03

Rear rear drive, air-cooled, flat engine, frog eye, streamlined body, these are the masters of design Hans Ledwinka and the Czech car manufacturer have long studied, as early as 1930 on the Tatra V570. Originally, Hitler wanted Porsche Hans Ledwinka to develop a high-performance national sedan. As a result, people did not agree, so he asked Dr. Porsche to copy the design of Hans Ledwinka and became the future beetle sedan. Being fired, Hans has no way.

Truth NO.04

After the end of World War II, Hans Ledwinka was arrested by the Czech government for treason and was deeply jailed. One of the reasons was that he had dinner with Hitler. The last person who paid for the redemption of Hans Ledwinka was the Porsche family.

Truth NO.05

Dr. Porsche and the two children were also imprisoned in France for war crimes. After the family came out, the Porsche 356 (based on the Beetle) was launched in 1948, the first Porsche. Therefore, it is widely believed that the Porsche brand was born in 1948.

Truth NO.06

The Porsche 356 won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the same class and began its world racing career. From then on, the car became an important event for the Porsche brand. I was very happy, but in the same year, the founder of the company, Ferdinand Porsche, died at the age of 76.

Truth NO.07

Porsche also studied tanks, and in 1942 on Hitler’s birthday, he took out his own Tiger P and another company designed Tiger H tank for review. Although Tiger P was highly respected by Hitler, the performance was still not good for Tiger H, and Tiger H is also the famous tiger tank in World War II.

Truth NO.08

But Hitler still likes Tiger P very much. What should I do? If you change it, it becomes an assault gun without a rotating turret – an elephant tank destroyer. But these tanks still couldn’t resist the footsteps of the Allies, so the 188-ton rat-type tank was born. The result was too heavy. The transmission failure could not be moved. As a result, the Germans themselves exploded.

Truth NO.09

All models designed by Porsche 356, 911, etc. are actually finishing the force/bearing frame. Only the beetle is a mixed back bone/platform frame, that is, there is a round keel in the center of the body, and the bottom of the car is The self-contained bearing structure, and this keel structure is the exclusive structure of Hans himself.

Truth NO.10

Dr. Porsche pioneered the public, and his grandson Ferdinand Piech became the head of the public. In order to acquire Volkswagen, the Porsche family set up Porsche Holdings to transfer all the shares of Porsche to Porsche Holding. The Volkswagen Group acquired the Porsche Auto after the acquisition of Porsche, but the acquisition was successful. It also increased the shareholding of Porsche Holding in the Volkswagen Group, so the ultimate beneficiary was the Porsche family (Porsche Holding), which just gained fame and ostensibly expanded the number of its car brands.

Truth NO.11

Paul Walker, one of the protagonists of the “Speed and Passion” series, died of a Porsche GT driven by a friend. Paul’s wife Christine and Paul’s women both brought Porsche to court and the results were rejected.

Truth NO.12

A popular saying in the sports car industry: Porsche is 911, and 911 is Porsche. Because the appearance of the 911 you see now is not much different from decades. The designers of the two cars in the world are the easiest, one is the Mercedes-Benz G-series and the other is the Porsche 911.

Truth NO.13

The Porsche 935, developed on the basis of 911, took over the entire Le Mans Championship of Group 5 in 1975-1982 for eight years, which led to the cancellation of this group.

Truth NO.14

Porsche engineers spent four months designing an environmentally friendly and inexpensive family car for the 1994 Tian Dynasty, named C88. The letter C stands for the first letter of China, Comfort, and Cheap. The number “8” is also considered for the preference of the Chinese people, and the car was also priced at 88,000. The logo is also redesigned. The three circles in the logo represent a family of three. It can be seen that Porsche has taken care of it.

Truth NO.15

As a result, in 1995, the Tian dynasty cancelled the plan for an environmentally friendly and cheap family car, and then Porsche recommended the car to India, and India refused.

Truth NO.16

I heard that in China, you can buy a Porsche luxury car for 100,000, which is the second model of the Zotye S series, the Zotye SR8.

Truth NO.17

Dr. Porsche founded the company because he found that although he built a lot of cars, he was not in his own name.So he decided to start his own car company. He founded Porsche Motors in 1949. Unfortunately, he died of illness and illness, and he died two years after the company was founded.

Truth NO.18

Porsche 911 was not called 911 at first, but wanted to call 901, representing Porsche’s 901th project, but the 901 naming method was warned by the sign car at the time, because people used the middle is 0, the first place The number indicates the level of the car, and the third digit indicates that this is the naming rule of the first generation. No way, Porsche can only change the “0” in the middle of 901 to 1, because the font of “1” has been designed long ago, only Need to copy more, just like this, 911 was born, I did not expect this emergency to achieve the classic Porsche.

Truth NO.19

As for why there was Boxster, Cayenne, the rule of word naming, because Wei Dejin, who took over the Porsche in 1991, found that Americans liked such names, such as Ford Taurus, Lincoln Continental, Buick Regal, Volkswagen Golf, etc. Why consider Americans, because Americans were the richest at the time, equivalent to the current Chinese.

Truth NO.20

Although Porsche is a sports car brand, it was only a sports car for more than 70 years before 2002. The audience is small and the audience is high. But never expected to launch a Cayenne after 2002 to absorb gold.

Truth NO.21

Porsche also has a spontaneous combustion phenomenon. Due to engine failure, it was recalled 6 times in China. In 2014, due to many spontaneous combustion accidents in Porsche’s new 911 GT3 model, it was once suspended globally.

Truth NO.22

In 1959, the Porsche project entered the aviation field, and its representative work was a 52 hp Type 678/3 propeller engine. In the early 1980s, he returned to the aviation field, designed a new wide-body passenger aircraft cockpit for Airbus, and replaced the old-fashioned instrument with a display.

Truth NO.23

Not only the production of sports cars, Porsche developed an ambulance for the Swift First Aid on the Volkswagen LT chassis in 1975. In 1977, Porsche also participated in the bidding for the fire truck system. A forklift was also designed in 1981. In the early 21st century, Porsche also designed the V-Rod motorcycle for Harley-Davidson.

Truth NO.24

LADA of the Soviet VAZ Volga Automobile Factory, which is known as Lada, is the biggest partner of Porsche Engineering after the war. In 1976, Porsche designed the modified concept car VAZ-Porsche 2103 for the Rada 2103. And SEAT Ibiza is also involved in the design of Porsche.

Truth NO.25

In the early 1990s, Porsche also gave Mercedes a hand. Mercedes-Benz painted the body and sent it to Porsche for final assembly. As far as technology is concerned, the 500 E has nothing to do with Porsche. Porsche has only earned a hard earner. The “private work” of this period was due to the survival of Porsche itself. At that time, the US dollar fell sharply, and Porsche had no money. Various methods.

Truth NO.26

Porsche’s first female spokesperson for Porsche is Sharapova , and as a result of the drug ban, Porsche has suspended cooperation with Sharapova.

Truth NO.27

Bill Gates likes the Porsche 959 very much. When he bought the 959, but limited to US emissions regulations and production is scarce, without security testing, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation have not allowed imports of 959, therefore, “Gates 959” in San Francisco Customs has been detained for 13 years. It is said that Gates donated 959 to the crash test and was approved. The US federal law passed the “Show and Display” regulation, allowing the 959 and other models to enter the United States.

Truth NO.28

The Porsche 959 and the BMW M1 are produced in the same manufacture.